Let’s talk about how to get more website traffic. It can be a complex subject, but it can also be boiled down to one thing: experimenting. In this blog post, I’m going to give you 11 winning ideas to increase targeted website traffic.

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What is targeted website traffic? Targeted website traffic is the portion of website traffic that comes from your target market — your ideal customers — and arrives at your site due to marketing strategies and offers you’ve created to specifically to grab their attention. These qualified visitors can turn into leads, which can turn into buyers, then become repeat buyers, and ultimately turn into loyal customers. (Huzzah!)

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Although writing content is the most essential part of blogging, there’s a lot more to launching a successful blog than just publishing blog posts. In this blog post, I’m going to take you, step by step, through the most effective, but easiest to implement, blogging path. We’ll start with identifying your ideal customer, then research keywords, and we’ll finish with promoting your blog post on social media and in email marketing.

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Don’t worry! I know it sounds like a lot, which is why I wanted to write this blog post. I’m going to boil the whole process down to the most important steps and share them with you. If you follow this workflow every time you write a blog

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Guys, I’m going to do a Facebook Live session this Thursday at noon (Eastern). Why? Because I’m crazy? Nope. Because I want to make sure you have the tools and the know-how to DIY your internet marketing. Here’s the scoop.

Every week, I’ll publish a new blog post. (Tomorrow’s blog post is 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog Yesterday. Look for it!) Each blog post will build on the previous week’s topic. Then every Thursday, I’ll be on Facebook Live to go over the blog post and answer any questions you have, right then and there. (You can always comment on the blog post with questions or email me, but being live on video is way more fun.)

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It happens. It happens to all of us at some point. We get stuck at a point in our business where we can’t move forward. Why? Because we can’t make a decision.

Most of us only get stuck from time to time. Some of us, however, agonize over every decision we have to make.

Have you seen The Good Place? I love that show because it’s really smart and funny. It also has the perfect example of what I’m talking about.

On The Good Place, one of the characters is a philosophy professor who has a terrible time making decisions. It’s excruciating for him! The result is that he literally dies because he can’t decide whether to go to his friend’s wedding or stay home. While he’s standing on the sidewalk trying to make a decision, an

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